Genetic Database

Genetic research will become more and more significant for a lot of breeds. It is very important in case of a genetic project to be able to fall back on relevant samples as quickly as possible. Often enough the acquisition of a specific sample is not possible any longer because the dog in question is dead or the address of the owner has been lost.

To be prepared for possible genetic diseases the meeting of the ISF (Asperen, November 20, 2010) discussed this question and considered it desirable to establish a collection of blood samples at the University of Berne. Responsible on the side of the university is Prof. Tosso Leeb, and for the administrative handling Dr. Hans J. Jacobs.

All owners of Schapendoes are asked to send ca. 5 ml EDTA-blood per dog in a well protected package (do not freeze, cooling is not necessary). Generally the veterinarian takes care of this. If possible send the package so that the blood samples are not on their way over the weekend. Please label the samples well readable with the name of the dog (as in the pedigree) and the address of the owner and send it to the following address:

Vetsuisse Fakulty of the University of Berne
Prof. Dr. Tosso Leeb

Institute of Genetics
Bremgartenstr. 109a
CH-3001 Berne