Statutes of the International Schapendoes Federation

1 Name, purpose, tasks

The International Schapendoes Federation is an association of autonomous national Schapendoes-clubs with the sole purpose to concern itself with the needs of the breed Schapendoes.
Its tasks can be deduced from its name: By international collaboration the best of the breed is in the focus of its attention.
The ISF has neither intention nor right to decide about statutes or breeding regulations of its member clubs. Its sole mandate is of advisory nature.

2 Organs

The organs of the ISF consist of

  • Its board (chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer) minimum 3 persons, maximum 5 persons. Only 1 person per country.
  • Its members.

3 Members

a) Members of the ISF are all those national clubs that have been elected by the assembly of the ISF.
A candidate can participate in the previous meeting with the intention to apply for membership in the next meeting.
The assembly decides by simple majority about the application.

b) If a club wishes to leave the ISF it can decide to do so any time.
Fees remain in the possession of the ISF.

c) A club which disturbs the collaboration of the ISF can be expelled by a majority of 2/3.

4 Assembly

The assembly should take place at least once a year. The assembly (board) decides about location and time of the next meeting.
The assembly is invited by the chairman who asks for contributions to the order of business well in advance.
The assembly is conducted by the chairman or the vice-chairman or – in case of being prevented – by a person the assembly chose itself.
The treasurer reports each year about the state of finances.
Every club is allowed to dispatch two delegates only. Other members sent by the clubs (for instance supermanager of DoesData) are welcome but are not entitled to vote.
Minutes should be written by the secretary or any other member.

5 Fees

The fees for each club amount to a basic sum (of 60 € ) plus 0,10 € for each member of the specific club. The basic sum has to be decided by the assembly.

Fees have to be paid by each club at least six weeks after joining the ISF.

6 Elections

Candidates for functions of the ISF must be delegates from the clubs. The term generally lasts two years. Reelection is possible.

All functions are elected by simple majority.