As you are aware, the causative mutation for gPRA in Schapendoes dogs has been found. A direct mutation test has been established, which analyses the mutation directly in the gene which is homozygous in affected Schapendoes dogs.

Since October 1st 2008 the Ruhr-Universität-Bochum in Germany offers the direct gene diagnostics for gPRA. The diagnostic certainty is virtually 100%. For breeding purposes heterozygous individuals (carriers) can be distinguished reliably from normal (homozygous) genotypes and from affected animals (homozygous mutant).
Due to internal reorganization, from March 1st 2018, they have had to stop offering this test.

We are very pleased that we have found Biofocus LADR Gesellschaft für biologische Analytik mbH in Recklinghausen who are prepared, starting March 2018, to continue the work of Bochum on equal terms and with exactly the same method.
Biofocus has received all test data and material from Ruhr-Universität-Bochum and will carry out the test with the same expertise. Like Bochum, Biofocus will also pass on the test results of all the Schapendoes they have tested to the Schapendoes breed clubs.

The order form for the gPRA gene test Dutch Schapendoes can be found here: [PDF]

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