Minutes ISF meeting Asperen 23-11-2013

Present Trudi Süsstrunk, Ruth Knuchel, Anne Hovland, Nis Crone Köser, Lone Köser, Inge Bysted, Jettie Alberts, Renè Pronk, Ria Suos, Godelieve de Wit-Bazelmans, Randi Standahl,  Hans Jacobs
Referent: Randi Standahl


Number Subject Time limit Responsible
01 Introduction
Welcome by Hans Jacobs.
02 Agenda of the Day
03 ISF – some remarks
What do we want from the ISF?
Do we wish to invite specialists to lecture regarding possible problems/diseases within our breed?
Shall each country bring questions regarding the breed in their country to the table?
We need a lively exchange of experience, ideas and factual data. The major aim of this is not the well-being of the respective club but the welfare of the breed.
For next year’s meeting there will be no external presentations. Each country bring their problems/experiences to the table.
Please forward this to Hans or Randi so we can prepare it for the meeting.
August 2014 All
04 ISF – a critical glance – debate
Since our meeting last year we did not make much progress.
We need to provide a centre for relevant information.
05 Statutes
A proposal for ‘Statutes of the ISF’, made by Hans Jacobs, with remarks from the member countries, was approved by all by voting.
06 DoesData – a short report
Separate minutes were made from the DD-meeting that took place immediately before the ISF meeting. The minutes will be distributed to all member countries.
A few remarks:
Breeders of countries without clubs will have to become members of the Dutch club (VNS) in order to get an account.
The Dutch club will set the prize.
Breeders who have a club in their country must be members of their club to get an account.
Norway was admitted as member.
07 Various Topics
Blood Database:
We need to keep thinking about collecting blood on a broad level. It is too late to start with when a genetic problem has occurred already.
Godelieve will find out what is status quo for the existing samples which were collected in the context of the PRA-survey . The samples in Bochum are not pure enough to be used any further.
Can we get someone to draw blood at the clubshows?
Is it feasible?
DNA-testing is the future.
Every second generation should be DNA- tested.
We should breed also with carriers. We can’t afford to lose these genes.
The ‘old’ form can be used.To make the forms fit to DD, Godelieve proposes to add “o” or “n” as for new or old form.
The judge performing the inventarisation shall put a letter for behaviour, not only a comment.
European studbook:
What can we do to enlargen the number of studdogs?
Too few dogs are being used. This will cause genetic problems in the long run.
It is quite difficult to motivate people to register their dog as studdog since many are not taken for mating at all. Breeders seem to favour well-known studdogs.
There are interesting dogs in other countries. Unfortunately very little is known about them which discourages breeders to use them.
March 2004 Godelieve
The clinical idney project:
Kidney problems should have priority in tackling. We should consider a genetic survey. Utrecht should be contacted to inquire chances of collaboration (for instance with Prof. Leeb, Berne).
March 2014 Hans
 08 Health questions
Some clubs test for HD, others don’t.
Is it justified to carry on with x-raying (with anaesthesia)?
Only very few severe cases are discovered. In most member countries it is considered not necessary to x-ray the dogs.
It is general opinion that the clubs should discuss whether there is any use to keep x-raying as a requirement for the breeding admission.
Severe worries from Finland. Hans will forward the report to the members. Cataract seems to be on the increase.
 All breeding committees
 09 Breeding recommendations
Some clubs find it difficult to use a dog of another country.
There are differences of regulations in our clubs
(A: character; A/Ch: HD x-ray), what can we all agree on?
Can we make it easier for all of us to use dogs from other clubs?
Breeding regulations should be discussed in the respective clubs. With regard to the best of the breed the broadest possible genetic basis should be in the focus of attention.
August 2013 Hans, Ruth, Randi
10 Report of the Treasurer
Report presented by Ruth Knuchel.
Money will be gathered according to the Statutes.
Suspended countries will pay.
11 Elections
Treasurer: Since no candidate volunteered Hans Jacobs took over provisionally til next meeting.
Secretary for one more year: Randi Standahl.
12 Miscellaneous
The ESS 2013

Hans gave credit to Denmark for the execution of the ESS show which was splendid both for spectators and participants.
ESS 2014 – Finland
ESS 2015 – Italy
ESS 2016 – ?
ESS 2017 – The Netherlands
Mailing lists
Every nation must tell Hans or Randi who is to be on the homepage e-list.
13 Thank you all for the meeting