On December 8, 2021 the International Schapendoes Federation experienced a resurrection after having slumbered for several years in a sleeping beauty sleep. But leaving aside all fairy tale connotations all clubs involved considered an international cooperation as indispensable for the future of our breed.

In an increasingly global world we will not be able to intervene in climate- or conservation questions on a national level. And this is true as well for questions of trade, security and migrations. And without any doubt breeds that are ever so often spread in many countries cannot be handled within national borders responsibly. It is our common aim to breed healthy dogs. This makes it absolutely necessary to share our knowledge. It is simply not possible to come up with sound decisions without information!

Even if we do not have to face a severe genetic problem at the moment we have to be prepared to meet the necessities if we again are confronted with something similar than PRA years ago. A dramatic thread like this would invariably lead to a common attitude on the international scene.

We need a reliable information system first and foremost. We founded DoesData years ago and will have to do our very best to make this decisive tool even more effective. Thus, we should aim for the broadest level of information. And at the same time we should invite clubs that do not yet take part in the ISF or DoesData to reconsider this. All clubs are absolutely invited.

After intensive discussions we consider it appropriate to restart the ISF on the level of an information exchange system. If need be, this can develop in any direction that might be called for in the future.

At the second meeting that took take place already in February/March we agreed on the topic of exchanging data. With an international data bank like DoesData at our disposal that many clubs envy us for we most certainly will find ways to make this even more effective.

But whatever we might want to address and develop for the future this can only be grounded on the basis of trust and confidence in one another.

Currently, the ISF organizes online meetings about every 6-8 weeks where all representatives share and exchange information on the breed in their country, and we discuss the future of breeding and keeping our breed healthy.

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